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    one of the professional racking system and shelving manufacturer in china,

    we specialize in supplying various storage equipment systems.


      Jiangsu Welfor Storage Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the professional racking systems and shelving manufacturer in china. We specialize in supplying various storage equipment systems. Including pallet rack, cantilever rack, steel angle rack, medium duty rack, mezzanine, steel platform, drive in rack, push back rack, gravity rack, flow rack, and other logistics equipment.

      Each of our products features sensible structure, stylish design, reliable quality, and high stability. Welfor storage racks are widely used in warehouse, logistic center, supermarkets, manufacturing industry, chemical industry, agricultural products industry, cold room storage, and etc.

      Welfor owns lots of racking quality control and related certificates such as ISO9001, RMI (For US market), AS4084 (For AU market), CE and SGS supplier assessment report. The design and manufacture of Welfor's racking structure adopt FEM 10.2.20 standard.


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Pallet Rack
Drive In Rack
Steel Platform
Radio Shuttle Racking System

CAD Drawing design

Welfor has a professional rack design team consisting of experienced technicians who provide customers with the most professional rack design solutions. We plan the space for your warehouse, increase storage locations, and avoid existing buildings such as fire protection facilities and building columns.


Warehouse Space Planning

Before starting the layout planning process for your warehouse floor plan, Welfor will consider your needs—from space utilization, storage options, and productivity equipment to aisle layout and production area workflows. Also, keep your business inventory management systems in mind, as your layout will impact your ability to manage inventory effectively.


Production Process

Raw Materials

In the case of industrial racking, knowledge of the raw material, in this case steel, is key because it provides the basis for using the appropriate quality of raw material for each product.



A standard interval of punches connects the cross beams along the column. In addition to the many different punching patterns available for roll-formed columns and posts/beams, three other types are also popular.


In this process, advanced equipment and production methods can make production more convenient. The strict control of equipment ensures that products are always within acceptable parameters.


Shot Blasting

This affects is the later treatment such as spraying. Therefore, rust removal before spraying is essential. In the whole production process, the process of shot blasting is used to remove rust, so that the rusted surface to restore clean.



Welding is an essential link in the racking system production process. There are essential differences between equipment welding and manual welding. Welfor has advanced welding equipme

nt to make racking system welds smooth.



The beams, uprights, bracing, protector, frame barrier, steel panel, wire mesh decking, wood panel, and so on, and all products must be of the best quality according to customers’ requirements and different application areas. 


Packaging and Transportation

    We pay very much attention to our export packages. Use professional package wrapping machine in a service to meet the long distance shipping time. For example, we have the plastic clips to protect the beams from abrasion during the transportation. We have got the whole uprights wrapped with transparent plastic film. You will find more details which show about our consideration.

How To Send An Inquiry

Thank you for your trust in Welfor. If you need to send an inquiry, please send it directly to email: sales@welforack.com Or directly contact our business manager, Casy Chen WhatsApp:+86-13851406693 Or click on Contact us on the homepage of the website.

Please bring your complete information before sending the inquiry, such as existing rack design drawings, warehouse layout drawings, required product images, etc. Please send them along with the attachment.


Why Choose Us

More than 20 years of racking production experience

Professional storage project design and solutions

Excellent packing and loading experience

Detailed installation instructions and even on-site service

Well-equipped factory, professional technicians and skilled workers

Sufficient capacity of product and quality control



Before installation of a storage system, it is essential to study and analysis the needs and possibilities of the company. At request of clients, Welfor appoint professional engineers to work out the feasible implementation program. Take care of the whole process of plan, design, costing, transportation and implementing the operation of the installation. Welfor implements storage system tailored to your needs.

Solution Design

Welfor has an in-house staff of Solution Consultants whose expertise is optimizing your company’s material and information flow. Backed by a full complement of engineering disciplines, computer modeling and CAD resources, we have successfully designed and built thousands of cost-effective solutions for all facets of manufacturing and distribution.

Welfor is committed to your project success through a win-win combination of your business knowledge and our technology and risk management expertise. Working with Welfor to fulfill your design needs assures you:

· An expert staff available when needed

· The immediate availability of virtually any technical discipline and skill set realistic project budgets and timelines

· Vendor partnerships that minimize schedules and risk, facilitating faster investment returns

Our comprehensive approach is designed to provide maximum value to our customers. We work with you in developing precise project requirements, which evolve into the “best-fit” solution, budget and transition plan, and all designs and steel section choose all based on our structure engineer's precise calculating.

Calculation Type Selection

We own a professional project design team and specialized in the solution a variety of logistics project. All project strict accordance with engineering design and structural mechanics theory. To ensure the load capacity to create the best in product selection, we utilizing computer modeling and CAD software design. We in this industry have designed tens of thousands of excellent logistics solutions for shelf dealer and final client.

Installation Instruction

For all projects, before customers arrange installation works, we would provide with detailed 3D assembly drawings to help and guide with the installation works onsite,


Excellent quality ensures 10 years warranty

Welfor high standards in the design and manufacturing of the systems enables to support its products with a 10 years Warranty, the longest manufacturer’s warranty in the industry.

Our promise is for life

Over 15 years of experience goes into every product Welfor makes, when we guarantee the structural integrity of our products for 10 years, it really means something. We’ve been the leading manufacturer of storage systems and we’re here to say:

OEM Service

Welfor is flexible and malleable to support any customers' demands on customized warehouse solutions, whether how complex the projects are.